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Bridal Makeup

Do you want to look your absolute best for your wedding day? DUH! You spend thousands of dollars on a wedding, and your look is one of the most important details to tend to. Your wedding day should be all about you, especially when it comes to your makeup.

This service will include ; 

  • Personalized Wedding Makeup Consultation & Trial Prior To Event

  • On-site Makeup Artistry for the Bride On Your Wedding Day

  • Skin Prep and Priming

  • Professional Traditional Makeup

  • False Lash Application 


Your bridesmaids will be surrounding you throughout your wedding day and standing next to you in cherished wedding photos. You want them to match your bridal radiance!

This service will include ; ​

  • On-site Makeup Artistry for the girls On Your Wedding Day

  • Skin Prep and Priming

  • Professional Traditional Makeup

  • False Lash Application 


Because I've been there done that, I can tell you -- with confidence -- that at some point, your high school years will become one big blur (I know, it’s hard to believe now. But trust me, it happens). Yet, the one thing you’ll always remember? Your prom. You’ll never forget your date, the dress, your prom makeup--even the exact shade of lipstick you wore, or how you did your hair. But no pressure to nail your look or anything.

This service will include ; ​

  • Skin Prep and Priming

  • Professional Traditional Makeup

  • False Lash Application 

1 : 1 Makeup Lesson

Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Winged Liner

  • Foundation Matching

  • Contouring & Highlighting

  • Blending Your Eyeshadow

  • False Lash Application

  • Filling In & Carving your Brows

  • Skin Prepping & Priming​

  • Long Lasting Makeup Application

Join me for a one on one makeup lesson to nail the basics, and learn all my tips and tricks when it comes to makeup application!

Shop & Learn

Unsure of what products to buy? Overwhelmed everytime you're in the beauty aisle trying to pick the correct shade(s)? Let me help you nail your look, and find the best products for YOU! There are two options for you to choose from! You have the option to do this virtually or in person! For a virtual shop & learn, I will send you links to products, and then once you get the products we can schedule a virtual call via facetime or zoom! The second option involves meeting up at a local beauty store to pick out everything you will need to achieve a day to day makeup look. After you purchase all the essentials, we will head to your home and go over how to use each product step by step, typically with me demonstrating on half of your face, and you replicating what I did on the other half. 

Timeframe for something like this is anywhere from 2-3 hours! 

Client purchases all tools and products needed. 

If you would prefer to skip the shop experience, and want me to create a personalized makeup bag for the cost of materials, tax, plus 15% administrative fee that is available at anytime. 

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