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COVID Information

We want to maintain a safe work environment for our clients and our artists. Therefore, we require that you

reschedule or cancel your service immediately if you or your party is experiencing flu-like symptoms.

In addition, we reserve the right to discontinue services in the event of unsafe conditions for our artists.

Masks: We are required to wear masks at all times, and some wear gloves for each appointment.

Sanitation: We use a professional-grade liquid makeup brush cleaner that is quick-drying and 99.99% antimicrobial disinfectant.

Our brushes and kits are sanitized between uses and before working with each new client. Hand sanitizer is also always readily available for everyone to use.

Guests: Unfortunately, at this time we are not allowing any extra guests into the home studio at this time to eliminate traffic and germs.

We highly encourage Facetime calls!

What happens if I have to cancel/reschedule my wedding because of COVID-19?


In the event Clients determine that a postponement of the wedding/event is necessary due to Covid-19 health concerns, Clients must Notify Company within 30 days of the original wedding/event date. Company will allow Clients to reschedule the wedding/event one (1) time within a 12 month period of the original wedding/event date without a rescheduling fee or changes to the wedding makeup pricing.  The retainer and all other payments made by Clients up to the date of rescheduling due to Covid-19 are non-refundable and will transfer over to the rescheduled wedding/event.  The final balance due by Clients under this Agreement will be moved to 30 days prior to the new rescheduled wedding/event date.  Clients understand and agree that it is their responsibility to work with Company to find a mutually agreeable rescheduled date.


If Clients determine not to reschedule and cancel the wedding/event altogether, or choose a new wedding/event date that Company is not available for, the retainer and all other payments made by Clients are still non-refundable, such payments will be credited to Clients’ account, and credit may be used for any type of services offered by Company within 12 months from the date of cancellation. Should Clients fail to Notify Company of any postponement or cancellation within 30 days of the original wedding/event date, Clients forfeit the retainer and all fees paid.

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